Resolving Invalid Authorization Codes

About Auth Codes
To transfer a domain to another registrar, you must obtain the Authorization Code. "Transfer Code," "Authorization Code," and "Auth Code" are used interchangeably.
Sometimes when you transfer a domain, even when you copy and paste the authorization code from the losing registrar, you get an error message that says "invalid auth code." That means the auth code is no longer valid and you need a new one generated. 

Domain Registered at Sav Transferring Out

For outgoing transfers of domains registered at Sav, contact customer support to request a new auth code. 

Domain Registered Elsewhere Transferring In

For incoming transfers of domains that are not new purchases, request a new auth code from the losing registrar. 

If a domain that you purchased at auction fails for this reason, we will automatically email the seller to inform them and remind them every day for the next week. If the seller does not successfully initiate the transfer one week after the end of the auction, you will be issued a full refund and we will take action against the seller. 
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