Understanding Account Pre-Authorizations After Bidding on Auctions

About Pre-Authorizations
A pre-authorization is a temporary hold placed at the time of the purchase that will either be adjusted when the transaction is finalized or disappear. You may recognize this from using your card at a gas station or at a restaurant before you add a tip.
To protect the integrity of our marketplace, Sav has made some changes to our auction bidding policies. 
We will calculate the total dollar amount of your purchase history older than 4 months ago. This will be the maximum total amount you can bid on active auctions at a time without a pre-auth being placed.

If you increase a bid on an auction you've already bid on and it is more than 3 times as much as the last bid, we will pre-authorize your new bid.

We will also pre-authorize all bids placed by users that are restricted from auction participation. 

When the auction is complete, all holds/authorizations will be voided. This will be reflected on your credit card within a few days or just a few minutes if using PayPal. 
Use proxy bidding to automatically increase your bids when someone outbids you until it passes your bid limit or you win.
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