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Manage and Delete Contact Form Responses

To manage and delete responses received from a contact form:

  1. Go to the Dashboard, click the three dots () icon next to the site where the form appears, and select Form Responses. Alternatively, in the left panel, click Content, click Site Content, and then click Manage Form Responses.
  2. The Form Responses page opens and allows you to remove any response to any form on the site. You can search for relevant responses in the Search responses search box. Ensure you search for the exact name, phrase, or characters.
  3. Click on the relevant form tab to open a table which includes:
    • the date of the form response submission.
    • the input from each of the form fields.
    • the option to delete the form response.
  4. To export form responses in CSV format, click Export to CSV in the top-right corner of the Form Responses section.

This option will not be available if there were no form responses on the live site.

You can learn more about contact forms here
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