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Edit On the Go

With the mobile version of the editor you are no longer limited to editing your sites on laptops or personal computers and have a multi-device editing experience. If your phone number just changed or you need to upload the image you have taken with your phone camera, you can edit your site on your mobile device to make any necessary content changes.

With the help of the mobile version of the editor you can use your mobile devices to make changes in the text, images, buttons and links on the sites you have created and designed on your desktop computer. Though the mobile version of the editor cannot boast the same wide range of editing capabilities as its desktop counterpart, it provides a different advantage and makes it easier than ever to quickly make adjustments to your site no matter which device you have at hand.

  • While working on your site from mobile devices, you can ensure all design and layout settings you have configured in the desktop version of the editor are maintained. The mobile version of the editor was built to offer smooth content editing experience and will not affect the settings defined on the desktop.
    • For example, you will not be able to add a new page while working on your site with the mobile version of the editor. After all, you do not want to make new pages without checking how they look on the desktop. For the same reason you cannot delete or unhide rows and widgets and so on.
  • Editing is available for Text, Image, Photo Gallery, Image Slider, and Click-to-action widgets. Editing capabilities for new widgets will be added frequently. Widgets that are not supported display with a coming soon message.
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