Domain Expiration Timeline

About Domain Renewals
Domains are "leased" to customers for a certain period of time before they expire and are available to the general public again. Renewing a domain allows you to extend the "lease" on the domain and use the domain for a longer period of time. You can renew a domain for up to 10 years at a time.
Auto Renewal will automatically renew a domain between 30 days and 1 day before expiration, assuming the system is successfully able to charge the payment method on file for the renewal. If Sav is unable to charge the payment method, you will be notified via email.
Days After Expiration
Day 1 - Day 29
When your domain expires, it enters into an Expired Renewal Grace Period which lasts 30 days at Sav.

During this period, the domain can still be renewed.

While your domain is in the Expired Renewal Grace Period, it may or may not be disabled. This varies depending on the TLD.
Day 30 - Day 43
On Day 30, the Expired Renewal Grace Period ends and an Expired Auction is started.

This auction lasts for 10 days. The highest bidder is given 3 days to complete their payment. 
Day 44 - Day 74
On Day 44, if the domain did not sell at auction or if the highest bidder does not complete their payment, it will be deleted from Sav and returned to its registry. 

The domain will automatically enter Redemption Period and can be redeemed by the previous registrant for a fee.
Day 74 - 79
If the previous registrant does not redeem the domain within the Redemption Period, it will be labeled Pending Delete on Day 74 and can no longer be redeemed.
Day 79+
The following may occur:

The domain may be released to the public for anyone to register it.

The registry may re-tier the domain as Premium, potentially increasing the cost of registering the domain.

The registry may reserve the domain so that it cannot be registered by anyone, indefinitely.
We recommend always renewing your domains before they expire to prevent them from being deleted or auctioned off.
The timeline listed in this article is an estimate. Some of the factors mentioned are beyond Sav's control. Sav makes no guarantees that the timelines and procedures listed here will precisely occur in all cases.
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