Transferring an Epik Domain to Sav

About Transfer-Ins
Transferring a domain from another registrar to Sav allows you to consolidate all of your domains in one spot for ease of management and to take advantage of Sav's low renewal prices. All transfer-ins include a one year domain renewal at no extra cost. 
  1. Login to your Epik account.
  2. Navigate to your Domain Portfolio page. 
  3. Select the domain you would like to transfer.
  4. Click the Transfers tab. 
  5. Click Transfer Domain to a Different Registrar.
  6. Confirm transfer eligibility on the next page.
  7. The authorization code will show on screen. It will also be sent to your email. 
Once your domain is unlocked and you have your Authorization Code, you can initiate a transfer to Sav. 
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