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Ecommerce Marketplaces are a great place for online merchants to promote their products outside of comparison engines and their own websites. Online marketplaces are websites aggregating product information from wide variety of sellers, millions of users search for and compare products to purchase online.


This feature is only available in the Advanced and Unlimited Stores.

The Store is integrated with the most popular marketplaces:


You can give your customers a way to buy in your store without ever leaving the Instagram app by tagging products in your posts and stories. Instagram uses a Facebook Shop catalog to find and tag products. Once your products are tagged, customers can see a bag icon and tap a link to view the item’s name, pricing, description, extra photos, and a direct link to your storefront product page to further purchase a product.

You can sync and connect your Facebook Shop with your Instagram business profile in a couple of clicks. As a result, you'll have multiple sales channels — your product catalog will appear on your website, Facebook Page and Instagram – and you can manage catalog and orders from the Store Control Panel.

For more information, see Sell on Instagram.


eBay is perhaps one of the best know marketplaces out there with more than 150 million buyers. The StoreFront allows you to export your products to eBay and track your inventory and orders right here, in your control panel. Use it as an additional storefront to grow your store sales and accelerate business growth. Learn how to sell your goods on eBay using the storefront in our eBay setup article.


This feature is available for all supported countries using the Codisto LINQ app from the App Market in the Store Control Panel.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping allows to export your products to Google and uses it as an additional sales channel. Your products will appear when someone searches for your products on and Google will show the picture of your item, its price, and your store name to the customers. Customers, who click on your ad, will be directed to your website where they can buy your item. Refer to our Google Shopping article in order to know how to upload products to Google Shopping.

For a list of supported countries and currencies, see the following article. Note that countries listed as Beta are not currently supported.

Yandex Market

Yandex Market is a marketplace, which is mainly popular among Russian merchants and buyers.

eBay Commerce Network

eBay Commerce Network — the only advertising network that allows merchants to engage consumers on eBay and other websites in a single campaign. It brings together 8,000 merchants and 2,000 publishers to provide access to 250 million consumers globally. How to advertise your products using eBay Commerce Network explained in our eBay Commerce Network setup article.

It is currently available in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.


Amazon is one of the world’s greatest marketplaces that attracts more than 180 million visitors a month. You can list your products on Amazon and thus expand the number of your potential customers and increase your revenue.

When you sell on Amazon, you can manage products and orders in one place — your Store Control Panel. If you sync the stock between the two services, you may be safe that there won’t be overselling.

You can sell on if your store meets these criteria:

  • Your store country is set to the USA.
  • USD is set as the store currency. To change your currency, go to the Store Control Panel, click Settings, Regional Settings, and then click Currency.
  • You do not sell handmade goods.
    Amazon has a separate marketplace called Amazon Handmade. You can’t add product offers there using third-party services — you should create them directly in your Amazon Handmade account. You can try uploading them to the Amazon marketplace, yet there is a chance that Amazon will reject them.
  • For more information, see Sell on Amazon.
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