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Vcita helps small businesses run their business more effectively. Common tasks like communicating with clients, marketing, managing calendars and invites, and sending invoices can all be done through vcita. This centralizes many of the day-to-day operations of a SMB and gives them a single source of truth to run their business from.

Vcita is an app in the App Store and can be added to any website. Your clients will be able to manage their website & business through a single interface.


vCita offers a 14-day free trial that includes all vcita features. The free trial is automatically activated for every site you add vcita to.


Calendar & Scheduling

Small businesses can manage their events, staff and schedules. Clients can book services directly online, hassle-free.

  • Online business calendar, integration, and sync
  • Team or staff calendar
  • Appointment booking and tracking
  • Recurring appointments
  • Event and group meetings
  • Customizable notifications and automatic reminders

Billing & Invoicing

Secure and reliable billing and invoicing solution that allows business owners to issue professional estimates, invoices and receipts, receive ,manage and track payments.

  • Virtual payment terminal: PayPal and Credit Card Processing
  • Estimate and invoicing management
  • Payment recording, tracking, and
  • Reminders
  • Multiple currency support
  • Integration with local payment gateways

Client Management

A simple and intuitive client management platform tailored for small businesses to manage their clients and services from a single application.

  • Email integration, sync and SMS communication
  • Client cards with notes, meetings, payments
  • Lead source and client status
  • Document sharing
  • Lead management and source tracking
  • Real-time push notifications for every new lead, booking, payment and message

Email & SMS Marketing

Integrated and easy-to-use cross-channel marketing features that drive engagement and help SMBs grow their business.

  • Email and SMS marketing campaigns with a simple-to-use template
  • Automated, trigger-based campaigns that are sent on client birthdays or new customer status
  • Call-to-action campaigns that invite clients to schedule a meeting, sign-up to an event or pay
  • Coupon creation and management
  • Campaign tracking and reporting

Client Portal

A dedicated self-service portal that allows SMB clients to pay, book, reschedule, and view any important business information online 24/7.

  • Clients can change, re-book or cancel upcoming appointments independently
  • Clients can view their open invoices and pay directly online
  • Communicate with the business and share documents through the portal
  • Personalization options for businesses, to match their brand

Staff & Documentation Management

Small business owners can manage their staff, their schedules and their associated clients. Business-relevant files can be uploaded, stored and shared from the platform.

  • Create staff team members, with their own access, appointments, messages and clients
  • Team calendar view
  • Flexible staff availability, roles and permissions
  • File storage, management and sharing
  • Share documents through trackable links

Common Questions

It appears functionality is missing?

  • Try a different browser (Chrome is recommended)
  • Check the level and limits of your subscription
  • Clear the cache

Issues with the Calendar Sync

  • Make sure you open the meeting notice\confirmation email to receive the .ICS (calendar sync) file to update your vCita calendar.
  • Only busy times are pulled from the synced calendar when determining availability
  • We only reference the main calendar. If there are sub calendar\tabs, we will not pull from them.
  • Outlook always requires the appointment to be accepted before adding to the calendar.
  • Gmail is the best email provider to sync with

Service(s) don’t appear as options in the widget/portal etc.

  • User created categories of services rather than services?
  • The user created an event, but didn’t schedule the event in the calendar?
  • The service or event is hidden?
  • Settings > My Services > Click on the service > Service Info > Check Show this service on the online booking system
  • The event is invite only?
  • Be sure to uncheck Invitation only event while creating and\or scheduling the event.

What do I do if the service is not available at the desired times?

  • Check Service Level Availability:
    • Settings > My Services > Click on the service > Duration & Availability > Service availability > Service has different availability > Regular Hours
  • Check Staff Availability:
    • Settings > Availability & Calendar > Business Hours > General Availability Settings > Staff > Hover of the staff member > 3 dots > Staff Settings > My Schedule > General Availability
  • Check Date Specific Availability:
    • Settings > My Services > Click on the service > Duration & Availability > Service availability > Service has different availability > Availability for specific dates > Edit Availability for Specific Dates > Staff Settings > My Schedule > Edit date-specific availability
  • Is there an available time slot on the calendar that allows for the duration of the service and the prep-time, is it applicable for the service?
  • Settings > My Services > Click on the service > Duration & Availability > Duration and Preparation Time
  • Is the advance notice preventing the service from appearing?
  • Settings > My Services > Click on the service > Booking Options > Advance notification > Customize
  • Is the future date restricting the service from appearing?
  • Settings > My Services > Click on the service > Booking Options > Limit future bookings > Customize
  • Is there a meeting or synced meeting in the calendar that is preventing the service from being available?
  • Check the suggested time on your calendar to make sure it’s available

When do I get paid?

  • Stripe: 5-7 business days to be direct deposited.
  • PayPal: transfer to your account immediately upon payment from a client.

vCita works only as a payment gateway for Stripe and PayPal (Square soon) Processing, funds handling, or determining paying time is gateway dependent

Incomplete payments issues

  • A lead will still be generated if payment is not completed.
  • Sometimes clients that are trying to pay with PayPal get’s lost and X out process.
  • An incomplete payments will not trigger an email or mobile notification.
  • If a client starts a payment, but it's not completed, an engagement will be automatically created and added to your vCita Inbox. This ensures that you don't miss a lead

Unable to view an invoice or error 500 while trying to view an invoice

  • If an error 500 is encountered while trying to view an invoice, ensure that there are no special characters in the Business Address or on the Client Card.
  • Settings > Business Info. Scroll down to Contact Info -- > Business Address field.
  • Clients> specific client> Info tab

Service level notifications (based on subscription):

  • Settings > My Services > Click on the service > Client notifications > Customize

Service level fields

  • Settings > My Services > Click on the service > scroll down to Client intake form > Additional fields for this service > Add/Edit

Field availability while scheduling, contacts, and paying

  • Settings > Client Card > Checkbox for During scheduling, contacts, and payment

Where is my API Token (based on subscription)

  • Settings > Integrations > Zapier > Connect > API Token

How do I cancel my vCita subscription?

To cancel your subscription:

  1. In the Editor menu, click App Store.
  2. In the vcita app, click Learn More.
  3. Click Remove.

How do I remove the vcita widget from my site?

To remove the widget, access the vcita portal and go to Online Presence > Website Widgets > Client Portal Widget (Edit/View). Click General Settings, and then uncheck Enable on Desktop View and Enable on Mobile View. For more information, see vcita Support.

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