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Site Comments is a collaboration tool that enables your team to communicate with clients and each other while building sites. The entire review process is faster, clearer and more accurate, giving your clients better service, faster go-live, and allowing more time to scale your business. It also eliminates the need for alternative methods of communication (such as email, messages, phone calls, etc.) and creates a single channel for receiving feedback and responding to it.

Use Cases

  • Internal communication between team members only (these comments can be marked as Internal)
  • Collecting feedback from clients as they review the site
  • Making notes while building the site
  • During the QA process
  • Creating a record of comments and responses

Access Site Comments

The comments bar controls the Site Comments functions. The comments bar is located on the right of the screen and includes the following actions/tabs:

The bar can be minimized by clicking the X icon and can be reopened by clicking on the comments icon on the top bar.

Add Site Comments

To add site comment:

  1. Click the plus + icon on the comments bar. Comments can be added to any element on the site.
  2. Click on an element to add a comment. Hover on the element to help position the comment accurately.
  3. Choose whether you want the comment to be internal or visible to clients and your team.
  4. Enter your comment in the input field. You can also add an image as a comment by clicking on image icon in the bottom right corner of the comment field.
  5. Click Submit.

Comments always retain the same visibility settings, meaning if a comment starts as Internal it will remain Internal and if a comment starts visible to the client it will stay visible to clients.

Reply To Site Comments

To reply to site comments:

  1. Open the comment you want to reply to. You can reply to comments via the comment itself or in the comments log. To open the comments log, click the Comments Log () icon.
  2. Click the comment text field, or click Reply in the comments log, and enter your reply.
  3. Click Submit.

Edit and Delete Site Comments

Comments can be edited or deleted by the person who creates them or by a team member.

  1. Open the comment you want to edit or delete.
  2. Hover over the comment, and click the more icon.
  3. Click Edit or Delete.

Deleted comments cannot be restored and are not displayed in the comments log. There is no undo for edited comments.

Resolve Site Comments

To resolve a comment and leave a record of it in the comments log click Resolve in the upper-right corner of the comment.

Comments Log

To see a list of all comments and display and reopen resolved comments, use the filter in the comments log. To open the comments log, click the Comments Log () button.

Hide Comments

To hide comments on a site, click the Hide Comments () icon.

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