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Add a Store Login

The eCommerce login feature allows site visitors to create an account for your store and sign in during their next visit. In addition, site owners can manage those visitors and grant them special promotions. This is useful if you would like to monitor customer activity or reward frequent buyers.

Add Login Button

There is no signup or login widget for StoreFront. Instead, you can link any text, button, or image widget to the store login page.


The text on the button does not change when the user is logged in, so we recommend using neutral text on the button, such as "My Account" rather than "Customer Login."

To add a store login to a button:

  1. Add a button to your store login page.
  2. Click the button to open the Content editor, and select Store link.

Login Page

The login page gives your users an option to type their email address and receive a link to sign into the store on their email address. The login link can only be used once and will expire in 14 days.

Customer Account Home

Once logged in, customers can adjust account settings, view order history, or manage address information. Note that customers cannot update their address until they have made a purchase as the store does not record the customer's address until after a purchase is made.

Manage Customer Accounts

You can view your customer accounts in the StoreFront control panel. To access a list of customers, click the My Sales tab, and then click the Customers tab. You can export customer information to a .csv from this screen.

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