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The Near Me App is a global leader in providing a seamless Near Me experience. The Near Me App gives companies optimal online visibility, so businesses can easily connect with consumers at all the online touch points they have with the local outlets of a brand, from finding, persuading, buying and recommending, to returning as a regular customer.

Get Started

The Near Me App is a central location to manage data about your business. For them to work best, they need information about the business you are looking to set up. The core information needed is:

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Hours
  • Category or type of business
  • Contact email address(es)
  • A description of the business

Having this information ready to go will ease the setup process and get you up and running quickly. All of the data added here will be published across the many different directories, mapping services, and social networks that the Near Me App connects to.

Client Access & Management

While you can give your clients access to the Near Me App, we do not believe it is necessary. Most of the management of Uberall is making sure you have accurate data and information. All of the data can be successfully setup by an agency servicing a client, as updates are fairly infrequent.

If you are using the Engage product, this changes. It will be fairly frequent where a review comes in from different services and it is best to have your client respond directly to reviews or questions and answers. If you do use the engage product, we do recommend giving users access to the App through permissions.


Listings Management

  • Manage Listings From One Place by having the Near Me App act as the source of truth for all business data.
  • Maximize Local Search Rankings by being listed on up to 70 different platforms. This ensures your business can be found anywhere users look online.
  • Improve Data Consistency and Online Visibility. By having a central source of truth, all data will be updated accurately on all listings networks.
  • Ensure visibility on Google. The Near Me App connects directly with Google My Business to ensure that all business data is updated in real-time.

Reputation Management

  • Monitor your online reputation across all locations and platforms, including Google, Facebook, Yelp and many directories.
  • Proactively manage all your online customer feedback, both positive and negative.
  • Respond to feedback and customer-generated content.
  • Gain control of how reviews are managed across locations with multi-level platform management and workflows.
  • Gather intelligence from reviews that can be used to address widespread or location-based issues and resolve them.

Common Questions

I set up Uberall, but it’s not syncing to all the directories I thought it would. Why?

Double-check that in your address profile you have not checked the ‘This business does not serve customers at this location’ box. By checking this box, you are indicating that the exact address should not be pushed to directories. This means that Uberall cannot push to the specific directories or listing network because they require an address to be present.

What happens when I edit locations on the directory itself?

Some directories (such as Google My Business) allow users to edit listings on the directory itself. However, any edits made will be overwritten as soon as the next sync with our system takes place. Therefore, you must make any changes directly in our platform to ensure the information remains consistent across all directories.

How long does it take for my listing to appear on a directory?

The time it takes to create or edit a location depends on the speed of the directory’s response to the data we send. The creation of a new listing should appear within a day. However, some directories have to manually check all new listings which may take a little longer. The update of existing listings also varies in speed - up to approx 10 days. If you’re concerned about the speed of creating or updating a listing, you can always reach out to our support team, who will follow up with the directory if necessary.

Why is the category I selected in the platform not identical to the category shown for my listing in the Directory?

Different directories have different category options, and we will internally match the selected categories to the closest option(s) available for each directory. However, there are instances when they will not be exactly the same.

What can I do if my listing is claimed by others?

Depending on the directory, the way of proceeding will be different when your listings are claimed by others.

Certain directories will allow you to overwrite the existing listing. This procedure can take place automatically when we send the information to the directory and the directory connects your data with an existing URL created or claimed by others.

If a listing is overwritten, the previous owner of the listing might complain with the directory, which in turn will forward the complaint to us and to you. Other directories, such as Google, will not allow claimed listings to be overwritten.

Should you consider an existing Google listing to belong to you, you should contact Google directly and present an official claim which will then be discussed with the current owner.

How do I remove duplicates in Google My Business?

A duplicate location in Google My Business (GMB) is any location for which another verified location exists in any Google account. Any location marked as 'duplicate' or 'access needed' will not be published on Google Maps. So here are some actions you can take to fix this:

  • If you have both locations in your Google Account, you can remove the unverified location yourself immediately.
  • If somebody else manages the verified location, your location will be listed as 'access needed'. You can request that Google transfers the ownership to yourself.
  • If the location is falsely marked as ' duplicate' by the Google algorithm, you can contact Google Support to remove the incorrect duplicate status of your location.

What does Profile Completeness mean?

Locations can only be created and successfully synced in certain directories depending on their data requirements.

We will qualify your Profile Completeness as incomplete if locations have any missing fields, regardless if they are synced or not.

In the Dashboard‍ you will be able to see the average completeness of your locations as a percentage as well as the number of locations requiring completion.

The Profile Completeness value refers to the data that our platform considers of highest relevance, in addition to the mandatory data fields, for a professional online representation of your business.

How can I verify my Google Account or my locations?

The verification of individual locations can be done via phone, postcards or in some cases via email (only if each location has individual email address).

Postcards for individual verification can take up to 14 days, therefore we highly recommend using phone or email verification where applicable.

Transferring or Requesting Ownership (claiming)

If one or some of your locations are already verified and managed under a different Google account, you may be able to transfer or request the ownership.

  • If you own or manage the other Google account/location group as well, you can simply transfer the location.
  • In case you do not have access to the account of the verified location, you have to claim (request ownership) of the location by following the steps below:
    1. Search for your business on this link, then select it from the results;
    2. A message will indicate either:
      • that someone else has already verified the listing (so please continue with the next steps)
      • or that you can claim and verify the listing yourself (via the methods explained above)
    3. Click Request Access and fill out the form;
    4. Click Submit. The current listing owner will receive an email asking them to get in touch with you, and you'll also receive a confirmation email.

The speed and success of this request is highly dependent on the current owner of the business listing. The owner will have 7 days to respond to your request.

You will be notified by email whether your request is approved or denied. If approved, you will be able to manage the listing; if denied, you may still suggest an edit or in some cases appeal the denial.

Additional Resources

The Knowledge base is available within the product for additional information.

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