Bidding by Proxy

About Sav Marketplace
The Sav Marketplace allows you to sell domains that you own. You can list a domain on the Marketplace whether the domain is registered at Sav or at another registrar.
About Auction Listings
All auction domains start with a list price of $1 USD, plus the transfer in fees (if applicable). Each auction is a 10-day, no reserve auction. Auctions will conclude after 10-days and the auction domain will be awarded to the highest bidder.
Proxy bidding is the process of setting up automated bidding on your behalf. You choose a price limit and the system continually bids for you until it reaches that limit or you win. Sav will automatically proxy bid on your behalf when a bid more than the minimum required bid is submitted.
Users must have at least one successful purchase on Sav before placing a bid. This is a fraud prevention measure placed by ICANN. Feel free to purchase one of our inexpensive domains.
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