Understanding the Types of Premium Domains

About Domain Purchases
When you purchase a domain on Sav, you are buying the exclusive right to use that domain name for the duration of the registration. Domains can typically be purchased for between one and 10 years and need to be renewed when that registration expires to remain active. Both domains that are registered and unregistered can be purchased on Sav.
Premium Domain Purchases refers to any domain purchased through a buy now listing. Here are the different types of Premium Domains.

Premium Domains

Premium domains are owned by someone else and currently listed for sale at Sav. You can purchase a premium domain by clicking Add to Cart. Prices for these domains are set by the seller. 

Registry Premium Domains

Registry Premium Domains have been determined to have a higher value by the registry and may have a higher price. 

Premium Partner Domains

Premium Partner Domains are Premium Domains that are listed for sale at Sav via one of our partners. Like Premium Domains, the prices are set by the seller. 
If a TLD contains domains with premium pricing tiers, the higher price will be noted on the domain search and cart pages.
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