Verifying Your Address

About the Domain WHOIS Contacts
As part of the domain registration process, ICANN requires domain registrants to provide verifiable contact details. These include Name, Organization, Address, Phone, and Email. 
A WHOIS contact must be at a verifiable physical address and must have a valid email address.

If you've encountered an error when entering your WHOIS Contact information the issue is likely related to the formatting of the address. Here are our recommendations to have a successful address verification:
  • Remove apartment names or building names from your address.
  • Include the street name of your address.
  • Enter the address into Google Maps.
  • Use the address that Google Maps gives as the correctly formatted address.
  • Make sure that your country is filled in as the correct country.
  • If this does not work, use the nearest possible address that can be verified by Google.
  • When using a P.O Box, ensure the street address is also present.
  • Remove or replace any non-ASCII characters.

  • Enter your phone without the country code and with no office or building extensions. 
  • Sav will add the country code later and it does not need to be entered now.
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