About Deleted Backorders

About Backorders
A backorder is used to attempt to register a domain that has already expired and is about to be released to the general public. A backorder can be submitted for any domain, but only domains in our Pending Delete Domains list will be attempted. You can find the Pending Delete Domains List on the Auctions page.
  • Once a backorder has been caught, your account will be charged for the Backorder Price of the domain. 
  • If we are unable to process your payment, we will retry every day for the next 4 days. You will be notified via email each time we attempt to process your payment.
  • If we are still unable to process your payment, the domain will be deleted from your account.
You may still be able to purchase the deleted domain by using the Domain Search Bar to see if it is still available.
You can learn more about backorders here
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