Updating Auto Renewals on Your Domain

About Auto Renewals
Sav will automatically renew the domain 30 days before expiration, assuming a valid payment method is on file. 
Disabling Auto Renew may allow your domain expire if you do not manually renew them and is not recommended.

Updating a Single Domain

  1. Login to your Sav account.
  2. Navigate to the Domain's Settings page then click on the domain within My Domains or search for the domain in the Domain Search Bar.
  3. Click the Enable or Disabled link next to Auto Renew within the Domain Details section of the page.

Updating Bulk Domains

  1. Login to your Sav account.
  2. Check all the domains you want to update on the My Domains page.
  3. Click the Bulk Actions button, then choose Auto Renew.
  4. Choose Enabled or Disabled from the dropdown.
  5. Click the Update Domains button to start the bulk update. 
Auto renewal will automatically renew a domain between 30 days and one day before expiration assuming the system is successfully able to charge the payment method on file for the renewal. If Sav is unable to charge the payment method, an email will be sent.
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