Resolving Payment Issues

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About Payment Processing
When you complete a transaction at Sav, the payment has to both be approved by your bank as well as pass Sav's security measures. If the payment authorization fails at any of these steps, the transaction may be rejected.
If you are still having issues after following the recommendations below, try using a different payment method. Sav accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. 

In Case of Processor Declines

  1. A processor decline is caused when your bank declines your transaction.
  2. The bank may decline transactions for several reasons. Some common reasons include exceeding your transaction limit, insufficient funds, or incorrect payment information. In these cases, the bank is unwilling to authorize the transaction.
  3. We recommend refreshing the page and retrying the transaction while ensuring all of your information is correct. If this is unsuccessful, contact your bank to find out why your transactions at Sav are being declined.

In Case of Gateway Rejections

A gateway rejection is caused when your transaction is declined by our security measures. Please check these common causes and resolve if applicable:

Mismatched Payment Information 
Ensure that all payment information submitted exactly matches what's on your bank statement.

Not Logging in from the Address on Your Bank Statement
Ensure that you are physically logging in from the address on your bank statement.

Using a VPN
Ensure that you are not using a VPN while logged into Sav
In the case of payment rejections, please refrain from retrying your transaction repeatedly. We recommend that you make sure to review the accuracy of your payment information before submitting the transaction.
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