Using Sav's API

About Sav's API
Sav provides you with an API to help manage your domains and perform certain actions in your account. You can use these functions to help automate tasks such as getting recent sales, submitting auth codes for transfer ins, updating domains, etc.

Requesting an API Key

  1. Log in to to submit a support ticket with any IP Addresses that you would like to have whitelisted. You will only be able to access the API if you are making the calls from these IP Addresses. 
  2. Also include the email address of your account and the last 4 digits of your payment method or your PayPal email address so we can authenticate your request.
  3. Support will provide you with an API Key that you can use in your API calls.

Using the API

  1. Documentation for the API is located here.
  2. Pass your API key in a custom header named APIKEY.
You will only be able to access the API from the IP Addresses that you have asked us to whitelist.
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