Requesting a Refund

Refund Policy

Registrations & Backorders

Domains registered or backordered can typically be refunded within five days of registration, less one business day. Refunds may be requested for up to the greater of one domain name or 10% of your registrations of that TLD for a month. If the Add-Grace Period for a specific TLD/domain is different than 5 days, this may vary.

Note: .IT.COM is only eligible for a refund within 24 hours of purchase. 


Transfer-Ins that do not arrive at Sav may be refunded at any time. 

Marketplace Buy Now & Auctions

Premium Domains bought through the Sav Marketplace from a Buy Now or Auction can only be refunded if the domain is unable to be transferred to your Sav account. 

Renewal Fees

Domain renewal fees paid automatically and manually can be refunded within five days of renewal. 
To request a refund on a purchase or renewal of a domain in your account, delete the domain and a refund will be applied automatically if the transaction meets our refund policy. 

Requesting a Refund

To request a refund on a domain in your account, delete the domain and a refund will be applied automatically if the transaction meets our refund policy. 
To request a refund for a transfer fee, log in to to submit a support ticket to Sav (by the required deadline if applicable) from the email address on the Sav account with the domain name(s) to be refunded. 
If approved, your refund will be returned to the original payment method. The funds will typically appear on your bank or credit card statement within 3-5 business days but may take longer in some countries. 

Domains That Can Not Be Refunded

  • Listing a domain that cannot be refunded for sale in our Marketplace is a great alternative. You can start a 10-Day Auction for a fast sale or set a Buy Now Listing to sell at a fixed price.
  • Any transaction not stated in this article cannot be refunded, including renewals.
  • Unfortunately, exceptions cannot be made to our Refund Policy for any reason. 
  • .DE Domains
Please refer to our full Refund Policy for additional details here:
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