Transferring a Domain to Sav

About Transfer-Ins
Transferring a domain from another registrar to Sav allows you to consolidate all of your domains in one spot for ease of management and to take advantage of Sav's low renewal prices. All transfer-ins include a one year domain renewal at no extra cost. 

Before Starting the Transfer

  1. Make sure that the domain is unlocked at your current registrar.
  2. Request the Transfer Auth Code (also called the EPP code) from your current registrar.
  3. Disable WHOIS Privacy on the domain if enabled. 

Starting the Transfer

  1. Login to your Sav account.
  2. Click the Transfer link in the header.
  3. One Domain: Enter the domain name and Auth Code in the form, then click Go.
  4. Multiple Domains: Click on Upload domains link. This will prompt you to upload a CSV file. This file should contain all the domains in the first column and corresponding auth codes in the second column. Column headers should not be put in.
  5. Make sure that both the transfer lock and creation lock columns have a green check mark. If not, you will need to reach out to your current registrar to have the domain unlocked. 
  6. Once you are done entering all the transfers, click on Add Domains to Cart to put them in your shopping cart.
  7. Navigate to the Shopping Cart and review your payment information.
  8. Review the Terms and Conditions and the Refund and Cancellation Policy.
  9. Click on the Complete Purchase button to finalize the transaction and start the transfers.

Tracking Your Transfers

  1. You can track your transfers by clicking on the Transfers page. 
  2. On this page you can see the status of each domain being transferred in and any next steps if required. 

Restarting a Failed Transfer (Available in the Beta Transfer Page)

  1. Login to your Sav account.
  2. Click the Transfers page. 
  3. Review the reason for failure and the Next Step within the table on how to resolve the issue.
  4. Click on the Restart link. The domain will be placed in Pending Auth Code status, and there will be a new input box in the Next Step column of your transfer. 
  5. Review the Auth Code and update if needed.
  6. Click on Start.
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