Requesting a Payout

About Payouts
Payouts allow you to have money withdrawn from your Sav account when you have a positive balance from domain sales or prepaid funds.

Requesting a Payout

Prerequisites to Request a Payout

Our payout processor requires that you fill a four part Payout form which will ask you for contact information, recipient account information, and tax information relevant to your specific country. You must complete the tax forms before a payout can be requested.

Initiating a Payout

  1. Login to your Sav account.
  2. Go to the Marketplace page.
  3. Click Cash Out under your Available Balance.
  4. Fully complete the four part form in the Payout Settings section.
  5. Click the Request Payout button to request a payout for your full Available Balance.
  6. Payouts are typically approved in two to four business days.
Important: Do not click Request Payout before the tax forms are complete or your payout will be rejected.

Issues with Payouts

Deferred Payout

If your payout was requested and has not arrived within the expected window there may be a couple of reasons for that.
  1. Certain countries may require you to submit additional information to complete your tax forms.
    1. If additional identity verification is required, you will receive an email from our payout processor, Tipalti. Please respond directly to Tipalti and include the required documentation to enable your payout.
  2. You may have clicked Request Payout before your tax forms were completed. Please Submit a Ticket to have this payout reprocessed once the tax forms are completed.
Once a Marketplace sale is completed, funds will remain as Pending for five days before becoming Available for a Payout.
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